Monday, April 23, 2007

Leadership & Teambuilding @ Berjaya Redang

At first, i'm a bit reluctant to go. But since it is mandatory,i have no choice. I tot it must be a very boring course but it turns out quite fun. We had a treasure hunt prior to arrive at Merang Jetty. My group be the champion (dpt hadiah topi amoi!). I had never been to island before and i didn't imagine that it's gonna be such excitement. the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and i had not miss opportunity to shoot a few pics.

Course content are also very beneficial. Tp rasa nak muntah jugalah coz within the 3 days asyik-asyik Covey, Belbin, Pouzes & Kozner, Blanchard, bla..bla... Haiyyyoo..i miss abah n ariz la. We went snorkeling on the second day but i did not enjoy it much since i can't swim. Plus not many women except for me and Leen. I just snorkle at the area near the beach where the sea depth is just abot 2-3 feets. haha..tu pun nyaris nak lemas juga..sadis betul.

On the first nite, my first nite without Ariz, miss him sooooooo much rasa nak nangis je. Bukan nak je, mmg dah nangis pun. Suka lak dgr suara manja Ariz dlm telefon, ye lah selama ni mana pernah bertelefon sbb asyik bersama aje. So, on the next day abah came with Ariz. For pics, visit

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