Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hari ni dah masuk hari ke 4 bulan OGOS. Since, everybody wanna squeeze everything within this time to the first of Ramadhan, the result is soo much program. Rasa mcm cramp je..huh! My involvement would be the Group Family Day on the third week of august, the QMS Surveillance Audit on 10-11/9, the HSE Week together with OHSAS 18001 certification ceremony somewhere before Merdeka Day. The HSE week is one of the major event for our department and contribute to KPI's of me and all my subordinates, therefore it has to be handled seriously and preparation should be at the earliest time possible. Thanks God, this time i had not feel the burden on my pundak only, coz now we have a small family. What i need to do is delegate wisely and monitor frequently. Within my 8 working years, i think that 2007 is the most 'lega kepale otak' year. Really. Not because of less responsibility, but because of the existance of teamwork. mmg lega giler n tahun ni jarang dah buat balik keje kat umah n stay back sampai pening kepala esoknya..:D

Lots of good news lately..
1. The group is revising the salary structure together with terms & conditions. From reliable sources, i was told that a lot of increment to non exec and of course high grade managers (tak tau lah aku masuk tak :(). And not a very good news to E1 exec since some of their fixed allowances are going to be decrease. I'm not sure yet since this will be announce this month and hopefully it will be back dated to July. Apa2 pun x kisah lah aku tak naik gaji sbb yg penting pakcik2 makcik yg kerja keras kat site tu yg sepatutnya deserve higher pay. Barang naik semua naik..moga gaji diorg pun naik byk.

2. Ariz can recite almost all doa in the TilMiz Doa VCD. He watch it during our stay at his Tok's house masa aku kena kursus last 2 weeks. To sape2 lah yg merekacipta VCD tu, u guys do a great job. Kids/ childrens really love that animation. it's interesting and as a result, dengar sehari pun budak2 dah leh hafal. So to my friends out there, jgn teragak2 utk beli (dulu aku teragak juga..end up x beli). Tak rugi beli bende ni berbanding beli CD katun.

3. During conversation with a friend with regard to our new shop, i was being told that he can help if i wanna get 'tapak' for night bazar at the town. I was soo excited since i was eyeing that area for quite some time without any idea where i should turn to. Appears that the area was highly sought after and there are a long queue above mine. But with some help from that friend, i manage to get one..and now i'm busy looking for suppliers so that we can start soon. The problem now is this problem exist because of the good news number 4.

4. Abah seems to be quite 'murah rezeki' lately. Got a few small an medium size projects which needless to say, require lots of money for start. Biasalah, nak tunggu payment normally takes more than a month. Apapun Alhamdulillah. Moga kami murah rezeki dan moga kami (abah, are we on the same boat?) tidak lari dr matlamat utk membantu yg memerlukan. Ameen..

Bad news..
ahah..ada kot tp bila dah lepas lupa lak. lgpun watpe nak ingat kenangan2 yg x best kan!

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Anonymous said...

O-ne, la..ingat yg baik2 je la..yg bad news tu tangkap-tanda-lepas (teknik persampelan)..hehehehehe

Wish u and family all the best..