Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm proud of you guys..

We are invited to open an exhibition booth for the ExxonMobil HSE week. At first, i'm pretty reluctant as we are very packed with other work commitments. However not to be seen as 'incapable' and as part of building good rapport with our major client, we decided to go on and utilize whatever we have. It turns out not bad at all considering that we have only about 2 days to prepare the materials. We got compliments and Exxon's top management seems to be quite impressed with what we have. (urmm..maybe that has something to do with 'expectation'..haha..). But really, the truth is I too was impressed. Considering time and resources constraint, my teams have made in in much-much better way than what i imagined. I'm soo proud of you guys.

Yesterday i'm working on a new craft project using the new polka dot that i bought online plus with Beii's cute comfy flannel. It's pretty cute and gonna be handed to someone very-very cute..hehe..guess what? I'll publish it here once it's ready (i can't wait to finished it up, i hope i manage to make it tonight).

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