Friday, April 9, 2010

Pencil Case again..

The autobiography of the pencil case. It's not a straightforward plan and sew story. A few month ago i get inspired with this Dresden petal handbag below. So i cut and sew and almost attaching the handles to my bag when i discover that it is too small; even my purse can't fit in the bag. So, i put it aside with hope that someday i get the idea on what to do with it.
Until last week when my sister request for a pencil case similar to the one that i make for Ariz and Kay; inspired from Ayumills of the Pink Penguin, i tot that the bag might be useful after all.I use the outer part of the bag and attached additional panel as the base (see the horizontal panel at the lower part but please do not see the visible stich below the watermark..). When i tried to attached the triangle sides it turns out ugly so i decided to just topstitch straight on the edges. So here it goes! my rectangular pencil case. I hope my sister still want it and do not demand for a better one.

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Anonymous said...

bile bulih g amik.........nok
tulon amik hok kay skali..