Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I bought these cute fabrics from Zura a few months ago. It is too cute (especially the Tanya Whelan's Barefoot Roses) it makes me so reluctant to make anything out of it. Except for a small amount that i use for the wallet, the fabric just sit there along with my other stash. Until yesterday, during the Labour Day holiday, i got nothing to do and suddenly got inspired with one of the pattern in the Japanese book. So here it is, my little girl dresses which is not belong to anybody yet. Should i sell it? Or should i keep it for my longing baby girl? For how many years to come? Hoho..i think it might be better to let it go.. after all, there will be cuter fabrics in the market and better workmanship on my part. Isn't it?
Anyone interested, view details of these dresses HERE


    Zura said...

    My goodness cantiknya suzie! The Tanya Whelan roses are always stunning kan? So pretty, cepatlah get a girl babe, can dress up the little princess :)

    IMAN said...

    A'a lah Zura, i selalu rasa mcm nak geget2 je ngan sumer2 Tanya's collection. Sayangnya barefoot roses ni dah discontinued kan? susah sgt nak dpt, nasib baik u ada sket. i ada a few yards lagi yg mint n robins egg tp syg nak potong..:P

    Kawaii Fabric said...

    The dresses are so cute!~ And thanks for sharing the link on how to make the peasant blouse. :)