Saturday, June 5, 2010


Just a simple photos showing all those projects i make in may. For my record..heheh..I hardly sew anything in June due to pretty tight job schedule.

Lunch purse for Maz

And another smaller version for me. But not yet buttoned. My blackberry, my glasses and my notes fit just nice in it.

A panel crib quilt. On sale at designercottonfabric.

A different version of viscose peasant blouse for me. The lower part is not triangle the way it was shown in the pic ( i cut it with a straight line using photoshop).

Pijama for Hadi. My first collared shirt. it turns out OK and next time i know that i need to be extra careful for the collar. Mind the prints. I'm not sure whether it's a sheep or poodle. I keep on reminding myself that it's a sheep because if it is not i will not be comfortable to dress him in.


a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

your purses are so sweet !!!

IMAN said...

maybe i shall extend the compliment to those sweet fabrics..hehe

MamaDaniel said...

dont worry.. baju tido to confirm kambing biri-biri sbb mana ada poodle kaki mcm tu... hehe... saya pun ada 2 hero tp belum berani jahit pj lagi.. hehe...

IMAN said...

tq mama danial
senang hati i nak pakaikan dia baju tu..hehe