Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Rozi Rahman of http://rozisneedlework.blogspot.com/ is offering a personal shopper services for items from IKEA and Craftworld. The pinking shear above is item that i would love to have since it was offered at only RM25 during the IKEA sale. Rozi will accept orders by 6p.m today, so if you want that, please hurry!


Ummi-Izah said...

as'kum rozi ari tu ader nampak posting ader crafter minta tolong rozi beli barang...akhirnya offer ini elah diwarkan kat blog yer..hehehe nak beli juga tapi yg ini tahan tak?

Kak Ina said...

Salam Iman,

Iman ada tinggal message kat blog kak ina pasal RE Hydrangea... since kak ina x tau macam mana nak contact email Iman so... kak ina tinggalkan messagenya disini aje ya....ini detail harga untuk design tu :

beg dgn saiz 15" x 12" x3" + magnetic button = RM70
cushion cover dgn saiz 16" x 16" = RM65/satu
Wall Deco dgn saiz 16" x16" = RM60

Kalau Iman berminat nanti boleh contact k.ina ya.