Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ruffle baby dress

This baby dress is sooo least i think so. Because it is soo small and it was made with the sweetest collection of Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane; Hello Roses in Dove for body, Picnic Bouquet in Tangerine for ruffle and sash and Slim Dandy in Blue for bias tape.

I have a hard time this morning to left her at home so i decided to bring it in the car so that i can look at her whenever i want to. Crazy me, huh! I'm not sure whether i'm crazy about the fabric, the cute little girly dress itself or my imagination of the baby girl dressed in it.

When i show it to Ariz with remark that this is gonna be your baby sister's dress, he just throw me a sweet smile. But Hadi, being the typical macho boy, immediately turned away when i try to shove the dress towards him.

So here is the dress in a watercolour effect. Have a detail look here.


Anonymous said...

Salam suzie, lama dok bertanya khabar. Lama dok buka yr blog, tengok2 dah berubah wajah.. wah.. and ada jual cotton cantik2 gak .. hebat..Saya dah selamat melahirkan a new baby boy 5 months ago.. Baru ingat nok beli baju raya dari kedai mung, tengok2 tutp kedai pulok doh.. Well anyway, good luck in everything and have a wonderful life.
lotsoflove -aziemude-

IMAN said...

wah a zie..bestnya dpt new baby..tahniah..
bila balik kt tu bgtau lah, mana tau ada rezeki kita blh jumpa. sy selalu gak buka yr blog kot2 ada update..dah lama sepi.
tuhari call yr house no. xde org angkat..:D