Friday, January 28, 2011


I know the sewalong is supposed to be closed by end of Dec 2010.  I've completed mine in Dec but have no guts to blog about it until today. I hope others also completed their and if you do so, please leave a comment here.
Mine was made from Katie Jumprope by Denise Schmidt. I guessed the original was meant for cotton knit but it works just fine with woven. The above pic looks a little wide because it was modelled on an adult mannequin :).


Zura said...

Beautiful! Mine still not finished swamped I think I can only continue after final exam. Yours look so pretty!

IMAN said...

thanks Zura for the sweet words, i don't particularly love this type of patterns and colours (i guess u know my preference :).

can't wait to see what others comes out with..:)

Rosh said...

Cantek! sorry. couldn't join d sewalong. not so sure about dress making... maybe next time after i've gained enough confidence.