Thursday, February 24, 2011


Inspired by the dress ties at the shoulders.. 

I modified the bodice pattern slightly by making it bigger and wider downwards, then combined it with a full circle skirt.

I add piping around the waist for extra sweetness..

Finished the skirt with red narrow serger stitch (is that the right term?)

The fabric is from Hoffman 'Blooms' that I bought 2 years ago from Nagoya. I have no idea that it can be so elegant on this baby dress. Perfect for the princess first birthday :)


~Seven~ said...

alamak..kali ni baby gurl ke?

IMAN said...

alamak..tak pasti lg..
semlm budak kat kedai kelim pun tanya soklan sama..
pok li punya scanner kata baby girl :)

normia said...

napok gaya bb girl gok nie.. kalu dpt boy gak, kena nnutuk nge ambe..hehhe

IMAN said...

Hehe..kalu baby boy gok, ambe buka kedai jual baju baby girl ah..every week wat baju alih2 x leh nak bg pakai..

MyBotanG said...

cute nyer.. love the fabric colour and the pattern.. sooo want to learn how to sew baju.. :(