Friday, February 2, 2007

Ariz Kecederaan

Last Thursday at 11p.m, Ariz had an accident. the one that happen when we least expected it. With his hyper active activity lately, any accident is not possible. But this one does not happen during his 'power rangers' session, instead it happen when he behaves politely. He just slide down the sofa and then bump! his head seems to unbalance and hit the edge of coffee table. Me and abg are just sitting in front of him watching TV. What i remember next is that his face is full of blood, and my kaftan too.. i can't help myself crying coz kesian sgt tgk dahi dia terbelah. 'Mujo' abg was at home at that time. Kalo dia takde camne lah aku nak drive memalam dgn penglihatan ku yg rabun ayam nih..:)

Yg peliknya, just a few minutes after that, he became more active as if nothing had happened, tho masa tu darah still mengalir. Biar betul budak ni. Sampaikan doc ingatkan aku bawak sorg abang lagi yg duk buat bising dlm dressing room. rupa-rupanya pesakit tu sendiri. Then tiba masa mencuci n menjahit. Masa tu baru tau meraung! Kena 3 jahitan. Kesiannya anak mama..:(

So the next day i had to take emergency leave. And on that day also, my friend's mom passed away due to cancer..(Takziah to Linda n Leen)

p/s- my friend ask me whether i had conduct the HIRARC prior to buy the coffee table...wakaka..i had not think about that before..

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