Sunday, February 11, 2007

If you can turn back time..

This morning, Ifa had comes with a question that lingers in my mind until i had a chance to jot it down here. Any 'if you ever.....' are always an interesting question to ask coz it opens up our mind to a lot of possibilities.

Being asked that question, i gave her two things that that first comes into my mind.
1. i wanna fix everything related to my wedding day, from the selection of date, the working committee up to the most stupid things that i did on that day. Imagine me in my wedding cloth, running to my neighbour's house on a 'very lecak' lane, left my just '2 hours wedded husband', only to help my friend push her car. Totally unacceptable and i can't give a reason for that. Maybe it's because of the feeling of 'awkwardness' being left together with my husband make me feel the need to go somewhere as an excuse. Later, I did ask my hubby about it , and his comments, 'sayang sgt kat kwn dia tu..'

2. I wanna do my best on my years at Liverpool so that i did not end up with this 'cukup makan' result. I always dream of myself further my studies somewhere overseas. i'm not kind of person who love that kind of profession, but the 'going overseas for free' part. Maybe because of my insincere intention, God does not grant me my wishes..Perabih boreh gomen ajer..After all, I wonder if i ever this dream comes true, i may not be working at this wonderful company with a great job and have whatever i have today.

No matter what, whatever happen would never be turned back. Just live your life to the fullest and always think before doing anything. No regret!

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