Sunday, March 25, 2007

Maafkan kami, Cititel!

Since married 4 years ago i never had a pleasent shopping experience. Until last week. We went to Midvalley Megamall and stay a night at Cititel. Cititel being the best choice because of its close proximity with the megamall. We had set up a rule, at first, we shop together (me abah n ariz) than abah's turn in the evening and my turn after maghrib. Pity ariz coz he was left either with me or abah at the hotel room. For me n abang, it is a pleasent experience coz we can shop in peace. Without the kid who needs me to constantly run for him or begging me to buy all types of toys. Who i need to follow instead of him following me.

Since Ariz was always being left behind, he become irritated so he did all things he could think of to make us notice him. Tumpahkan sebotol bedak, then panjat meja, goyang2 kan lampu, off and on and off TV, then mandi..then sepah2kan all the things yg dia boleh pegang..then mandi again..n again..n again. Aku mals nak layan coz not many things i can do pun. At one time he went inside the toilet and locked himself inside. I was panicked and call he hotel to come with the key. but fortunately before they came. he manage to open it himself. Then come the best part..where i owe sorry to Cititel....
1. before i manage to put on his diaper..he had pee on the carpet.
2. the next day, he open his diaper and on his way to toilet he passed out 2 stools. Right on the carpet. Nasib baik tahi i can just pick it without leaving any marks on the carpet. Duh! i dun know what to do...ayeh..ayeh..
3. dia conteng wallpaper kat bilik tu..again, i dun know what to do...

The next day we went to KLCC. Ariz ask to swim in the lake right infront of Suria. Apekehal ntah. siap nak bukak baju lagi. When i went to fetch him near the pool, he ran away. Laju pulak tu. Hayyo...Maka berlakulah adegan kejar mengejar di tepi kolam KLCC didalam hujan renyai hadapan ribuan manusia yg lepak kat depan tu.

..then afternoon we went to IKEA where again i was in the state of disaster. My fault is that i put on Fitti diapers instead of Mamipoko diapers, so that just after he pee 2 times, the diaper leaks. I had to bath him in the IKEA toilet where the Minah Indon yg keje kat toilet tu menjeling marah kat aku. Cesssss!

I had once ask abang what he likes most when we travel to KL? he said that the time on the road itself and the time when we singgah at Stesen Paya Serai Singgah Petronas. It is not the shopping that excite him coz there are nothing special pun shopping at KL compared to shopping at Kuantan. I agree with him on this. We arrived at home after 12midnight. Alhamdulillah..Home sweet home.

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