Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Basuh Kentut

Again about Ariz. I think we love to write about what we fond of. And i'm fond of Ariz. Not my job. Talking about job, just for my record we got I minor NCR during the OHSAS 18001 Compliance Audit last Thursday, which make me feel a bit relief. The Dato' has requested for a certification ceremony that will involved the Menteri Besar so i had to plan ahead my schedule to include it in early May...Urghhhhh....don't wanna think about it yet.

Yesterday Ariz comes up with a lot of new sentences..
He climb up the side of car's door and put upper half of his body out of the cermin and keep on shouting to passersbay..'Kalau sakit, makanlah panadol!' I had realized this morning that the sentence came from on of the Panadol Commercial on TV.

Then last night he insist to wash his kentut..
'Ma, ayeh kentut! meh lah basuh kentut!'...geram but funny so aku ikut ajelah. Geram coz lately he will ask for diaper change whenever he wanna pee or wee. Macam ni tokey pampers pun bankrupt. He supposed not to use diapers months ago but i'm too lazy to train him or wash his accidental spillage..:)

Then last night i was trying to practice Sichida Method that was forwarded by Rozie last week and i read in CARI forum years ago..
When he just close his eyes, i started to say / mumble things like..'Ariz anak baik, anak soleh, anak cerdik, ariz tak suka sepah barang, ariz tak suka panjat2, Mama sayang ariz, ariz pandai simpan barang mainan, ariz tak suka nangis..bla..bla..bla..'
then he open his eyes, and said..Ma, Diamlah..
Alamak..terkujat aku..ingatkan dia dah tido..
Kesian mama tak sesia kena gelak ngan abah.

Ariz suka pakai selipar terbalik. Nak kena ajar selalu. And he loves to put on his sandals onto his hand as if his hands is his legs. Sometimes he ask me to put on his trousers to his hand, or his legs into the shirts. He thinks that is funny, and funny it is. Maleh aku nak layan. When he got into something mischief, he will hide behind the curtain and do it quietly..

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