Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Macam-macam Ariz

As kids at his age, Ariz has learn a lot of new vocabs and sentences.. Maybe because I had not pay much attention of his development, I always catch him by surprise when he said a new sentences everyday. Things like....(yg aku konpem dia tiru dr Tv or makcik babysitter dia selalu sebut
…Sabarlah...nanti dapatlah tu
…Mana boleh macam tu!
Kids love to imitate, so as ariz. He really really love to repeat what I use to say such as..
during eating session he would say, ‘makan jangan tumpah tau!’
during his toy session, ‘hati-hati memandu ye!’
during his gardening session, 'jangan main pasir tau, nanti masuk mata!'

The word ‘kenapa’ is his most favourite word now..he would ask some nonsense things like..
Mama, kenapa abah makan ma?
Kenapa abah makan ikan?
Kenapa mama bagi adik aiskrim?
Kenapa mama buang kertas?
Kenapa monyet panjat pokok?
Kenapa..kenapa..kenapa..all the things that he see, he will ask why..ponat eh aku nak menjawab..kekadang aku pun jawab nonsense jugak..heheh..

There are some funny usage of words such as below…
Disclaimer : This might fall under category of 18sx..:)

In Terengganu we call the boy thing as ‘konek’ or ‘nonet’ (nama pelat) and women’s breast as ‘kopek’. I would you the sentence ‘meh mama basuh k**** adik’ during his bath session or after peeing. So, Ariz get use to the k**** words when referring to his bird. 2 days ago he was playing kiss and hug game with abah when he ask to kiss eyes, kiss cheek and all when suddenly he ask, ‘abah, nak peluk k**** abah!’ He insists even when abah said ‘mana boleh!’. Aku tak tahan gelak..hadoyyy..but still I don’t know whether he understand his request or not.

Another thing when he refer to my bra, he would ask, ‘mama, ni k**** sape ni ma? K**** abah ke? Hehe.. would always reply, no, that’s not k****, that’s bra. Then he will acknowledge, ‘ma, ni bra ke ma? Huhu..On that same day of abah incident I brought him to Avon outlet when he saw sederetan bra yg tergantung kat kedai tu. Then he ask me, ‘mama, mama nak beli k**** ke ma?’. hisk, buat malu aku ajer budak ni.

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