Sunday, April 15, 2007


1. I feel so relieved after watching last night news on TV. Yin has been found safe and sound and happily reunited with his family. Alhamdulillah. But it had left one question mark to me..why is his head been shaved? is there something fishy behind all this? Whatever...yg penting dah selamat..

2. We will most probably received our OHSAS 18001 certificate by this week. Alhamdulillah and Yeah! .

3. After worrying me with the 'langgar' thing, now Ariz have new request. He did repeatedly asked me to fight with puteh kata 'ggocoh'. Isk brutal sungguh anakku ini. Mungkin kena cepat proses anak lelaki supaya buleh jd rakan ggocoh Ariz pulak!

4. We went to visit Ifa's newborn last Thursday. Zarif Nuhin, Sooooo cute little boy.

5. The employee that undergo DI last week has been found guilty. Fired!

6. Abah's birthday is over but something unexpected happens yesterday. Ghupernya dia kecik ati coz i had mention that 38 is old. What i meant is that dah semakin tua kenalah semakin alim sbb dah makin dekat nak dipanggil ilahi, but he interprete it as 'i don't favour lelaki berumur sebagai suami' which is very not true. Perang dingin lagik!

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