Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hubby's Birthday Today

Abang's birthday today. I had not think much to surprise him coz he already got his present earlier..hmm..x best betul! Tp nak wat camno coz men's are sooo simple, too simple sampaikan x tau lah nak kasi apa. balik2 jam, henpon, purse, baju, seluar, selipar, perfume...dah kehabisan idea. So end up he got N73 ME. Hmm..(oktober wishlist..CANON dSLR (tak kisahlah siri apa pun) En. Abah, sila baca yeee...).

Since he already got his present there is nothing much i can do to surprise him. Just bake him kek coklat kukus yang x cantik, create a besday card yg nak cepat punya edition coz bz sgt yesterday kul 7.30 baru balik umah, another small present for his surprise and dinner tonite at Awana. Fortunately he is not at home yesterday, so i have some time to prepare everything.
Apa-apapun, abah i just wanna wish you a very happy birthday, may all your dreams come true, moga abah menjd Mukmin yang lebih baik dr semalam. We pray for your happiness and success. We LOVE you soooo much!

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