Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Mother

'Say Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. Thank you Allah, for my mother'
I love this song..Ariz reminds me of the love my mother had to me and mine to Ariz.

Coz today is mothers day, so i'd love to jot down something about my mother, whom i love a adore soo much. I called my mom as 'Cik' a typical Terengganu word for 'mak'. Cik will be 57 this July. i had not much time to write, so i stay back until six today to do this. I dunno how to express my feeling, my gratitude to all things that she has done to me. I only truly realized how hard her life is, how much her sacrifice to us all when i myself become a mom. And times the hardship to 14 (not included miscarriages).

I cannot imagine how she and dad raise us with all the difficulties that we faced at that time. Mom is a fulltime housewife while dad are a farmer. Not a successfull one. If my family were discovered by Bersamamu crew, i believe we will be aired on bersamamu slot in TV3. Imagine me weeing near he river with short pant on the head..haha..

To make things worst for mom, she had inherited a macular degeneration eye problem, which make her eyesights becoming worse and worse each day. At the age of 45, she had only about 20% vision left. We will 'pimpin' her everytime she went to any place unfamiliar to her. I don't know how she manage to do her household chores.

Apart from the above, mom is always the tough one at heart. i had seen tears in dad's eyes many times (especially when we get offers to further studies and ayah dun know where he can get the money) but never seen it on mom's. Ayah cries a lot when my brother died (just before i fly to UK) but Cik just beristighfar. The only times i saw her crying is bila dia dah tua2 ni..berpisah ngan adik bongsu aku, Amirul. Whatever difficulties she faced; anak2 buat perangai, kemiskinan, family problems, etc..she just kept things for herself and also to god. Kekadang kami risau coz dia pendam semua dlm hati.

Jasa cik pada kami, aku khususnya..she raised us to become 'orang'. She give us good education, teach us manners, love us unconditionally, teach us live the hard ways. Tak mungkin terbalas segalanya. Cik, I LOVE YOU.

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