Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Teachers

Happy teachers day to all teachers in the world!

I remember one of the advert in UK during year 1998's Teachers Day Celebration. Postcards with questions like 'Who is your favourite doctor?', who is your favourite accountant?'..etc. The there's a small note below 'nobody forget their favourite teacher'. I still kept those postcards.

So, sempena Teachers day, i would like to write down here all my favourite teachers which will always be in my heart.
1. My primary school teacher, Cikgu Zainun Muda. Who gave me shoes to replace the 'very2 lusuh n berlubang' shoes when i'm in standard 2. She was the first to cal me 'mek kete' coz i have a curly hair. She borrowed me her daughters gown when i don't have one to wear during a nursery rhyme contest.

2. Cikgu Che Wan Ibrahim Che Wan Ngah, whom passed away last year, who was soo kind hearted, which i can't explain in my limited writing ability.

3. Cikgu Zarina Jupri, my homeroom teacher at MRSM Jelebu; whom are so motherly, and understanding.

4. Cikgu Umairah n Cikgu Norani at MRSM KT, who gave me Add Math Textbook where i'm the only student who cannot afford to buy one (x sampai hati nak mintak duit ngan ayah).

5. Cikgu Mohd Zainun, who make me love Chemistry sooo much and who make our school years a very exciting one.

tu aje daaa...yg lelain ingat x leh la nak tulis panjang2.

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