Saturday, June 9, 2007

All in one

It’s quite some time that I did not update this blog. Don’t know what to write and most of the time don’t have enough time to write. Lately I had interest in blog hopping and I had discover a few interesting blogs which also contribute to my ‘not enough time’. Hihi.. Okay, since today is holiday, I’ll update my blog. Write all the things that happen during my ‘silent’ period, things that I can remember, things that i want to remember.

Ariz had start calling me ‘Mama Cujiha’ and call his babysitter as ‘Mama Cik Moh’. It’s funny when he use the ‘Mama Cujiha’ instead of ‘Mama’. He also become quite ‘nakal’ lately. He loves to do things that I hate like sepah2kan barang, taburkan makanan, etc. Then when he see that I’m angry, he will gelak jahat..’Hahaha..padan muka mama!’.

I managed to shoot 2 bulls eye for revolver category, 6 for pistol and contribute to 5 falling plate during the Shooting Competition. I remember the feeling when I first touch the pistol, it’s like, ‘I’ll never be near this thing again!’ but strange enough, I fall in love with it after the competition. Can’t wait to have the opportunity to take part again. InsyaAllah (upon approval by GM), our team will participate in next month’s competition organized by Westport.

Ariz had his first proper haircut on 26/5/07. He cried when the barber wrap him with the white cloth, but he just sit still on the chair. Maybe he just don’t know how to react. Mujo dia tak meronta atau terjun dr kerusi tu.If he do, maybe we will see a shaolin boy instead. Not to forget, the barber’s face had a resemblance of Trg MB (;-)). The good things is, no more Cik Moh’s haircut which abang describes as ‘potongan mudguard tinggi’.

Last week I had kind of little misunderstanding with abg. We plan to go out for breakfast but because of that, I cancel the plan. I become sensitive, I cried loud and run into the guest bedroom. Ariz was watching the TV. When he hear me crying, he came running after me and cried even louder. He came embracing me and we both crying hysterically. It’s funny, but since abah is watching at the bedroom’s door, I just continue crying..heheh..Then abah go out alone and I comforting ariz. Poor him, he never see this kinda situation before. About half an hour, abah came back. X sempat abah buka pintu, ariz bertalu2 dgn soalan, ‘kenapa abah marah mama?’. Then they both dua beranak having sate at the kitchen and I heard abah says, ‘pergi panggil mama ajak makan..’. Ariz came and says, ‘Mama, jomlah makan sate ni…’ but I buat x paham aje sambil melipat semua kain baju yg dah seminggu bertimbun. Then I heard ariz told abah, ‘Dah ajak mama makan’. Abah replied, ‘Tak datang pun, pergi ajak sampai mama dtg.’ So ariz came again and ask me again, ‘Abah ajak mama makan, meh lah mama makan sate ni..’. Kesian lak, plus I’m hungry I went to the kitchen, malu with a senyum kambing, I kiss abah’s cheek n ask for his forgiveness..i don’t realize that Ariz is watching..but there are a few incidents after that, that Ariz would say..something like, ‘Lembu, maafkan ayeh ye!..or..Baby anif maafkan ayeh ye..’. Ni sah-sah dia ajuk ayat aku ari tu..

Abah will further his study and registration will be this month. Whatever your reason is, I’m happy for you dear.

Last week was our 2-days surveillance audit for Environmental Management System ISO 14001. Got 1 noncompliance and 5 observations. Alhamdulillah, things started to become better since we had our own department.

My mom, sisters and brothers had come for a one night stay at my house last week. It’s great if we can have this sort of family gathering more often. It will be even better if all of us can be together like good old times.

Again, I had become excited with ribbon embroidery. I started to stock up a lot more ribbons and manage to complete a simple project today. A ribbon pouch..It’s not beautiful, but serves right to boost up confidence for a novice like me.

It’s been nearly a month for me lobbying abah for his permission for me to have my own shop (partnership with Ifa, of course). The opportunity emerged when one of my colleagues who happen to have ‘cable’ with the authority offers to help. I was very excited with the prospect, and starting that day I had visually planned what to do, how it will look like, how to get supplies, everything. But still one thing left, the most important, his permission. I had persuaded him with all the reasons that I can think of, but nothing work. I stop then, but not yet give up. Then last week, I finally came up with one last attempt. I send him sms,
‘Kalau abg nak cepat boleh pakai Alphard, sila beri kebenaran utk saya buka kedai, boleh?.
‘Kedai apa?’
‘Kedai barangan keperluan wanita n kids. Saya janji x akan pinjam duit abg. Nak pakai lesen niaga ajer. Saya konfiden akan berjaya. Tunggu apprvl abg je..
‘Nak buka kedai boleh, tp beli Alphard dulu..’
‘Mcmana nak beli kalau x generate pitih dulu?
A few more questions and answers..
And finally, I take is as Approved! Yeehaaaa!


Theridzwan said...

Suzie, mung nok jadi bisneswomang pulok ke.. bagus2 . Bagi saya discount deh.

IMAN said...

Hehe..tu cita2 terpendam yg harap2 sempat dizahirkan sebelum bersara. Plan to take early retirement so got to build the foundation first. Belajo je sebenonya nih. Harap2 masa awak balik nanti kedai tu dah wujud, bulehlah awak singgah. saya belanja awak makang otok2 kuala kemamang deh!