Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mimpi kita berbeza

This is not the Ibnor Riza’s song. Same title but definitely different things. Last night we had dreams. Mine was a very sad one. I was in a very solemn moments after the death of my husband. Always crying and lifeless. It was sooo real, and I was crying until I suddenly wake up. Then I see abg beside, and realized that I had only dreaming. So grateful. Then this morning abg told me that he had a dream too. But his is a very funny one. He dreams that the Majlis Perbandaran had constructed a monsoon drain in front of our house. I was very happy with that so I go out ‘berkemban’ and ‘main lompat2’ above the drain. He then scold me coz going out with such an attire, berkemban n without tudung..hehe.. it’s funny, how can he imagine me in such a way?

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