Sunday, June 10, 2007

Let's conserve our world, let's RECYCLE!

Recycling Facts
We produce over 15,000 tons of rubbish everyday. It is only a matter of time before we run out of space to dispose of them. Recycling reduces waste, which in turn reduces the need for landfills and dumpsites.

Recycling reduces pollution and saves energy. Making products from virgin or raw materials results in pollution and uses more energy.

Recycling is cheaper in the long run compared to maintaining landfills and other systems. When recycling programmes become more efficient, there will be less rubbish to dispose of.

Recycling creates up to 5 times more jobs than waste disposal alone. It will create jobs for engineers, machine specialists, environmental personnel, general workers and many more.

Recycling improves cleanliness and quality of life.

Breakdown of solid waste created by Malaysians
27 % Paper / 36.5% Household waste / 3.9% Steel / 3.7% Glass / 16.4% Plastic / 12.5% Others

Experts believe a landfill can last 10 years longer if Malaysians recycled 50% of their garbage

The residents of Johor Bahru alone generate 1300 tons of waste every day. It will take only 3 days to fill the entire length of the Johor Causeway with this amount of garbage.

Over 90% of the computer can be recycled or reused

Recycling at work...lets do it, guys!

  1. Use mugs instead of paper cups or Styrofoam ones.
  2. Turn off lights when you leave for more than 15 minutes.
  3. Turn your PC off if you plan on being away from your table for more than an hour.
  4. Use e-mail to send memos, notes or messages.
  5. Get your company to use lower watt lightbulbs. This can reduce the amount of energy used.
  6. Buy/use refillable pens.
  7. Instead of buying new printer and copy machine toners every time, take the old toner cartridge and get it filled up.
  8. Try to reduce the use of transparencies for presentations. Use your notebook and use a projector instead.
  9. Keep your mailing lists as current as possible. This helps you in cutting down undelivered mail, which uses more paper than needed.
  10. Circulate a document instead of making a copy for every person.
  11. Make double-sided copies.
  12. Instead of printing reports, keep a soft copy in the computer, and back it up on CD or floppy. This saves a lot of money, especially when you consider that some of these printed materials never get read anyway.
  13. Dedicate one day where all your employees are to clear unwanted things from their desk. Then decide which of the items can be recycled.
  14. If you are remodeling, or about to transfer to a new office, try to fit your bathrooms with a toilet that has 2 flushing options. This cuts down on water use.
  15. If your office has centralised air-conditioning, try to have it turned off when most of the employees have left. This cuts down on the amount of energy used.
  16. Optimize print runs for literature and letterhead to avoid outdated material.
  17. Have central files to reduce duplication - this not only saves paper, but office space as well.
  18. Use erasable whiteboards or bulletin boards in communal areas for office communication.
  19. Recycle cardboard boxes from shipments, or arrange for your supplier to reuse them.
  20. For catered events, use washable utensils, tableware and napkins.
  21. Use aluminium can vending machines instead of paper or plastic cup dispensing machines. Aluminium cans are recyclable. Paper cups from vending machines are usually treated with wax to keep them from becoming porous, and are therefore not recyclable.
  22. Encourage employees to increase the amount of paper recycled in the work place by purging old files.
    Instead of keeping files in floppies, use them only for transferring small files or for temporary storage. Keep your files on a server, or on your hard drive, and use password protection if the files are confidential.
  23. When your company wants to upgrade their PCs, don’t throw yours away. Donate them to those that can benefit from these PCs.

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Theridzwan said...

a very good article. satu cara lagi nak save the world adalah dgn memboikot cheap airlines, pergi holiday naik je keta, doksoh naik air asia sbb airline ni membawa so much air polution. Balik ke Malaysia nnt saya nak balik dgn kapal laut.. wakakaka