Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jun - Bulan Melawat Malaysia

On June 14th, we have a one night stay at KL coz I had to attend Asian Oil & Gas Exhibition (OGA 2007) at the KL Convention Center. It was a very excellent event where almost all players in oil and gas industries in Malaysia gather at one platform organized by Petronas. A day is not enough if you really want to gain the insights of all the companies. Instead, I was there for just nearly half an hour due to children are not permitted to enter the hall. I just walk through and take note on companies that offer solutions in safety and environmental matters. Just enough for letting abah take care of Ariz before he started to make ‘every 1 minute alternate call that make me feel sooooooooo uncomfortable’.

Unlike our previous journeys, this one is the most unplanned. I received instruction from the GM at 3p.m and off we go at 6p.m. Alhamdulillah, we manage to find the hotel and other designated locations easily. No need to tour the city 4-5 times. The Megasale Carnival will start on 16th so we are a day earlier. Takde mood langsung utk shopping. I just went to Kinokuniya to buy ribbon embroidery books but unfortunately it was not available. So, end up buying a John Gray’s ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ for RM36.90 and a Pingu book for Ariz at double the price. It is just a coincident that I buy the John Gray book. It is located at the payment counter + I want to end up buying something for me + I had aim to buy that book for a long time. Having read almost 2/3 of the books, I’m glad to say that it was one of the best purchase that i‘ve made so far. I will dedicate a separate entry for this one…later…


We went to JB on 22nd through Kuantan-Pekan-Mersing-JB. Stay 2 nights at a country budget hotel, The Rose Cottage. The journey took us nearly 7 hours (coz Abah had to perform Solat Jumaat since we start the journey after Subuh).

Sementara tunggu abah, aku saje lah nak test Ariz. Aku start enjin kereta n buat2 cam nak bergerak tinggalkan abah. Ariz siap nangis2 cakap ‘janganlah tinggal abah, sianlah kat abah tu..abah pun nak balik jugok…’ Lagi lah best aku usik cakap takpelah nanti abah balik naik bas je..makin lah nangis budak tu. Sampailah nampak abah keluar dr masjid baru lega..hihi..Pastu bila abah ckp kita tinggal jelah mama ek, biar mama naik bas je. Ariz dgn suka hatinya bersetuju..isk..tak boleh jd ni..tak sayang mama ke?

We arrived at Tmn Universiti at 6p.m. I felt ashamed to admit that this is my first time to JB. Sama je mcm Ariz. Waaaaa…malunya nak mengaku. Abah had become a student again and he seems so proud (I think). And me and Ariz are proud too..yeah! We went back on 24th through Kluang-Ayer Hitam-Segamat-Muadzam Shah-Kuantan. Again it takes us 8 hours (plus shopping time at Ayer Hitam). Abang jokingly asked me whether I will mention to my friends that ‘kat Johor ni penuh ngan Ladang Kelapa Sawit je’. I said, yeah, why not? We women love to talk, so I’ll mention every single thing. Hahaha..tanyalah lagi soklan2 hampeh mcm tu ye!

The journey was very tiring, not to mention Ariz, again berak cair just after we left the petrol station. Maybe his xxx became itchy so he wanted to open his diapers. Biasalah kan, budak besar pakai pampers. Tak selesa giler lah kot. Aku pegang kuat2 diapers dia yg dah terbuka sebelah sambil sebelah tangan lagi pegang dia yg sedang melompat2 utk buka lagi sebelah. Rasa mcm nak tergeliat urat perut. End up, we stop at bahu jalan n ’mengistinjakkan’ Ariz ngan tisu..batu xde eee...heheh. Geram ada, nak tergelak pun ada. Nasib baik lah on the
way balik, kalau tak, mau pengsan aku nak salin baju2 yg ada bau2 taik ni.

Coming Soon - 29/7 : KL - Westport Shooting Competition

Update: About 100/200 marks (formal result are not published) + contribute to 5 falling plates / 10 - Lenkali masuk kategori novice je lah..:). Tp yg bebst skrg dah tak takut pegang pistol. rasa mcm pegang pistol cicak je..

kategori revolver sebelah tangan


Theridzwan said...

Suzie, saya ada 3 butir buku John Gray tu, plus ada buku hok selagi pasal why men cant iron and women can read maps...he..he.. tp berese pun dok abis baca..tu yang dok paham sgt perangai org dari mars ni..he..heh

IMAN said...

Azie, kenkadang kita baca buku yg best, tp mcm x masuk otak je kan..kekadang ada buku yg kita baca, klik terus kat kepala. This is one of it yg i really2 find it beneficial. Maybe keadaan atau emosi ketika ni membuatkan saya rasa ia amat sesuai. Tp ulang baca lah yg ni semula..mmg bagus amat for us to understand this 'alien' better..hihi