Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PS A640 n BG4

I had received my birthday present earlier this year and it is no surprise at all coz i'm the one asking for it. I had Ixus 75 and Powershot A640 in my wish list but abg decided to go for PS due to its function and feel good in his hand..haha..whatever lah, yg penting i love it. and it's perfect coz next week we'll be going to Penang and Kl for about 5 days. The purpose of having a good quality camera for me is to be able to close up Ariz and semut or stamen bunga..hehe..coz the previous Canon dah rosak n the Fuji is very hampeh, so i go fo another Canon. I'm a brand loyalist. Until they failed me, then i'll stick to Canon, National Panasonic,Toyota, IBM, Nokia, etc. That's why when abg suggest to go for Nikon, aku taknak x kiralah best camane pun Nikon tu. Tunggulah sehingga aku kecewa dgn Canon dulu.

2 days ago, i decided to shoot an email to HR manager asking justification for my new grade. But after i sent it then i realised that i had mention the wrong grade. i was supposed to write grade 34 at BG4, but then i wrote DG4. Huh, dahlah nak komplen mende mcm tu, silap lah pulak..malunya aku...

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