Sunday, March 29, 2009

CAREER MOTIVATION : Mistakes Most People Make in Their Career

We all make at some or other stage in our careers. there is nothing wrong in making . What however is wrong that we do not learn from our . To rectify these there is a need to understand that in which areas we may have been going wrong. And then we need to start making the right decisions now. To avoid these career , you will need a paradigm shift. You may have to unlearn the way you have been taught about work.
Here is a list of commmon that people in their careers:

Thinking that Working hard means working long hours
People tend to think that these two are same - working long hours means we are working hard. Well working long hours for delivering results without understanding that there is more to get results than the hard work approach. Working smart is the need of hour and not working hard.

Failing to set the goals
If you wait for your boss to set your goals you may be making a mistake. Not setting the accountable goals for yourself and measuring yourself on an ongoing basis is a prescription for failure.

Not leveraging your communication skills at work
Communication is all about modern organizations. If you do not know the art and science of communication in your job - you are at risk. Although you are paid for your skills and experience but how the others will know that unless you present them to the world. Hence your communication and presentation skills are your biggest assets at work and you must leverage them

Failing to network is sure a recipe of failure
The best jobs and opportunities are there very near to you. If you do not understand the importance of networking within and outside the company to gain access to the right people (and hence right opportunities) and not knowing how to network - you are cooking for failure.

Not making yourself visible
Making yourself visible means crating your uniques value proposition for organizationa d making that visible to key people. If you are not doing this - you do not exist. Your value needs to be visible to the people in your company who matter on a regular basis.

Not being an Intra-prenuere
You have to manage your career as a business. You have to think like an entreprenure within the organization. Then only your true potential will come out and your value will be unlocked. If you feel yourself as a business and understand the need to “Brand yourself as a Business” - there will be success around the corner.

So next time you are out in organization check if you making any of these common and make a concious habit of analyzing your every move against them.

It is better learning from of others than doing them yourself.

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