Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little boy Corduroy Pants

Pants are always be the simplest sewing project for me. For others as well, i believe. You can just make patterns based on the existing pants you kids wear. The simplest type of course is the Baju Melayu pants or sleep pants where only 2 pieces are required.

For a more decent jeans, khakis or corduroy pants, you'll need 4 pieces plus another 2 or 4 pieces for pockets. For this specific project, i'd followed DANA M.A.D.E project tutorial here 
and here.
And here is my version.
Using 100% cotton corduroy found here. 

And here is the close-up lining inside the pocket. I am using white cotton from Ariz's recycled shirt.

The baby boy in action :)

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