Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I love this one..my first attempt to use Japanese Pattern for adult

I love sewing it..and i love wearing it.It was made from one of Tula Pink's Hushabye collection, one of my favourite due to its pastel babyish colour pellette. And it is soft as well. That's the quality of American Cotton.

This is pattern no 25 from this book.
The most challenging part is of course to find your ways in getting the right pattern. Most patterns in Japanese book are crammed in one piece of paper, distinguised by colours and numbers. 1 would say that i've spent a few hours just to examine it. Not to mention hours of transferring it into pattern pieces. So next time if you want to save some time just make a few large photocopy of the master pattern. I said a few copies, not one, depending on how many pieces of the same pattern are drawn on each other. 
Using 4 yards of fabric, i arrange all the pieces and cut it with seam allowance as instructed. I don't understand any single words but with Japanese pattern, pictures are enough to guide you from start to finish. (everytime i read the Japanese pattern, i wish Ayumi of The Pink Penguin is near so she can help me translates the instructions :P)
So here it is..my new robe. Perfect as decent apparel to be use outside the sleepwear.
Some words of caution:-
Only one size available. It fit ladies with S to M sizes. It is quite tight at my upper arm (maklumler ibu2 mmg lengan besar compare to anak dara, ye tak?). If you're slim with perfect tummy then this robe will be very nice on you. Which sadly i'm not..:(. But i'm wearing it anyway..


~Seven~ said...

jahitkan utk saya satu!!

IMAN said...

awak mmg sesuai banget..sbb kurrus tinggi..

kalo betul nak cari kain 4m :)
sy tlg jahit free..when the mood come :P

nis n4d (*_~) said...

terernyeeee... ajar²! =D

IMAN said...

senang aje..janji mau..hehe

Rozie said...

nak patern.... hehehe.. yg dah siap di transfer ke pola.. bukan yg juta2 lemon dlm satu kertas tu.. hehehe... nampak sgt comey... i miss my sewing machine laa...

IMAN said...

beres..will be cute on you. i think it is yr size...after bersalin laa..hehe