Saturday, December 4, 2010

CUCITO AUTUMM 2010 SEWALONG (updated with instructions)

Updated 4th Dec 2010
(I'm really sorry for not fulfilling my promise to put pattern pieces here by 1st Dec. I'm into morning sickness thingy; feeling sooo helpless, unmotivated, sleepy, everything :(. Although i'd love to see you guys creating the cutest dress from that magazine, i can't afford myself to do the tracing. So i settled with the most simplest of all; skirts! Feel free to click pictures and instructions below, print it to a readable scale, sew them and share it with me here. )

Hello lovely crafters out there!
As mentioned in my previous post, i'm gonna host a CUCITO Autumm 2010 Sewalong from NOW until 31st Dec 2010. If you're interested leave a comment here, grab the above button, sew any patterns from this CUCITO magazines. Don't own one? Don't worry. You can use one simple pattern which I traced from the mags and you can download it here (it will be available here on 1/12/2011)

If you don't understand the instructions, feel free to post any questions here. I'll try to answer it and if not, other fellow crafters will. But please don't ask me to translate the Kanji..:)

Once you finished with the products, send me your photos, i'll published it here. Maybe there's something for the one that catch my attention the most. We'll see. Maybe some yummy fabrics?


Rozie said...

nak join.... jgn lupe bg pattern yaa... i am gud mood to sew now.. lets do it together gether... heheh

Rosh said...

count me in... nk try gak jahit... jgn lupa bg pattern skali... bila siap blh bg kat my doter.. hehehe..

tomei said...

mau join

SUZIE MUDA said...

mari2 join sama2. pattern jap lg dy taruk..the simplest tau..tak larat sgt nak menerap..dlm keadaan loya meloya ni betul2 tak larat kalau ikutkan hati nak cari the most cutest, tp terpaksa settled for the most simplest :(

Zura said...

I join ya suze! heee...nak trace pattern now..harap2 sempat siap :D

ayda said...

nak join jugak...tak pernah jahit skirt lagi ni...hehe

Zura said...

Dah tukar skirt ke babe? I pon lom wat paper lagi so busy with my midterm. Haa will make mana yang sempat Insya Allah. You take care k? :)

SUZIE MUDA said...

skirt for those yg takde cucito tp nak join. :)
yg ada cucito tu blh buat mana saja yg disukai..