Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Introducing my latest handmade dress in the 'Compassion for Girl Dress Series', Rebecca Sundress from Olabelhe (have a look HERE). It is always my intention to sew any of her sweet, sassy creations but i've waited for the right mood to come. I don't want to cut off big portion of my precious fabrics if i didn't feel really comfortable doing it. So last night the right mood strike in, and i'm sewing from 8 to 12, stopped just for performing prayers, cooking dinner and having dinner. Fortunately, mr hubby is kind enough to help me with the kids :).
It is very easy working with this pattern..i bet a beginner can do it without much hassle. I'm making the smallest (size 3) but I bet it is pretty lengthy for an average Asian of that age. I bet mine will fit for an average 4 years old girl. Fabric are combination of Fresh Cut and Bijoux by Heather Bailey.And here is the original dress made by Dawn (extracted from the pattern instructions). I hope mine doesn't look much different from this (though i know my pleats is bigger :P)
The dress are not complete yet; there will be a narrow grosgrain ribbon to be sewn just above the skirt and covered buttons for the back. (For photography purpose, i'm just putting big pink buttons  to give a complete look.

And best of all, i now proudly sewn my own label on this dress; won from Izue's giveaway. Thanks dear!


MamaDaniel said...

alala.. cute2 semua dress tu..
label pun cute jugak... :)

Rosh said...

comey nyer... betul ke senang nk buat becoz i've never made any dress before. almaklumle... a beginner..:)

IMAN said...

serius senang giler rosh..janji ada en. MOOD..hehe..
Senang sgt compare to baju kurung sbb dia kecik :)

Zura said...

So pretty! My favourite designer Dawn ni, and such a sweet lady too...